Fall 2021 – FAB/EB building and computer lab access for MCECS students

Starting Fall term, access to the FAB/EB building is by PSU ID Badge only. We have added an online portal for MCECS students to request 24x7 access to FAB/EB and the following computer labs: FAB MCECS General Lab “Intel Lab” - FAB 55-17 EB MCECS General Lab “CadLab” - EB 325 CS “Particle” Linux Lab [...]

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Remote Computer Labs

To facilitate online and attend anywhere classes, a selection of Windows computer lab systems are available for remote access. Using either an RDP client or a web browser, users can interact with lab machines and use any software that they would normally find while in one of our computer labs.  This system can be accessed [...]

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FAB/EB Card Access

Any PSU student registered for Fall term will be able to badge in to attend classes held in the general pool classrooms in the buildings. However, in order to use MCECS computer labs in FAB/EB, MCECS students will need to specifically request card access to those labs. If you don't have a PSU ID badge, [...]

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EB & FAB building hours are changing

MCECS, CPSO and PSU have worked together to enhance security and safety in EB and FAB without sacrificing accessibility. To this end the exterior door hours are changing. The changes below will go into effect on Monday September 16, 2019. New hours for exterior doors: Harrison Street Doors (east and west) 24/7 card access only [...]

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Deploying a new system

Getting a system Deployed If you need a system deployed (or are providing one yourself), you can submit a request using this form here and request networking here. Due to licensing restrictions, CAT supported deployments can only be installed on PSU owned systems (or those owned by research grants administered by PSU).  

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Recommended Computer Systems for Students

Student Computer Recommendations Overview Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science provides computer labs with fully supported Windows and Linux machines running instructor specified software and engineering applications, and a lot of other tools and applications useful to our students. If you are a student looking into purchasing a [...]

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Recommended Computer Systems for Faculty/Staff

Faculty and Staff Computer Recommendations   NOTE ABOUT MCECS PROPERTY: All equipment purchased using PSU funding are the property of PSU/MCECS - funding directly through PSU indexes or via research grants are included in this definition. Special programs within MCECS used to purchase equipment, such as MCRP (the MCECS Computer Replacement [...]

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Locker Rentals

Locker Rentals for MCECS Students Read the details and restrictions on the site, make a rental request online and then visit MCECS Student Services office (located in EB 100) to claim your locker. Services site for locker rental is: https://services.cecs.pdx.edu Lockers are located in the Lower Level of FAB Lockers are approximately [...]

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Remote Access

Remote Access to MCECS Systems Many systems and services in MCECS are remotely accessible from another computer. You can connect to some of them directly while others require the use of a VPN before you access them.  

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Support Tiers

CAT Support Tiers: An Overview Specific arrangements (particularly of Tier 2 systems) depend on the type of operating system and the intended use. This overview doesn't cover all possible system configurations. Laptops and Mobile Devices: We are unable to provide Tier 1/2 support to laptops or mobile devices.  By their reliance on [...]

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