Windows in Computer Labs (and MCECS podiums)

Windows 10 version 1607 (also known as the Anniversary Update) has been installed in most of the main MCECS and departmental computer labs. The Windows computers in these labs (and on many podiums in MCECS) have been reloaded before the start of the term.


Faculty, please make sure that the software list accurately reflects what you are expecting in the general labs.

Native Windows Start Menu:

All new users for Fall 2017 are now getting the native Windows 10 start menu. The Classic Shell menu system we set up last year will continue to function for older users who are are still using it.

If you an older user who wishes to disable Classic Shell, we have instructions on our website.

Known quirks with the native Windows Start Menu in our environment:

The Windows Start Menu roams with your user profile. (Your roaming user profile maintains your software settings and customizations across logins to different computers.) The first time you log on to a computer in a lab, you will have to wait for your start menu to build and populate. This could take 20 seconds to a minute. Your start menu will populate much faster for subsequent logins in that lab.

However, if you are switching between computers with different software loads (perhaps between your office or cube desktop and a computer lab), each time you move to one of these differently configured systems, your start menu will need to rebuild. This may be most noticeable for instructors using the podium computers in computer labs or classrooms.

If you run into issues with the start menu, logging out and logging back in seems to fix it for many users. If the problem persists, you may need to request a profile reset from the CAT.

We will soon be setting up a “start menu folder” shortcut on all users desktops as a quick-access alternative to get to the programs available should the start menu give you any problems.


If you are a returning user, your old printer settings may not have survived the Windows upgrade to the lab and podium computers. Please set up your favorite printers again.

Avoid compute intensive activities on the Windows Terminal Server

While the terminal server is handy as a way to get to some of the Windows software from off site, note that it is not intended as a replacement for a computer lab. It has neither the computing capacity (as it is shared by many users) nor a full software load (due to licensing restrictions). It cannot handle the load from a remote classroom session nor Please make sure that you do not run resource heavy jobs on it. Note that sessions that that have been disconnected for over 24 hours will be automatically terminated.. Learn more at:

Web-based Remote Desktop (RDP) access

We are widening our trial of a web-based RDP client. This enables you to make a Remote Desktop connection to a Windows computer in MCECS (either your office/cube desktop that you have access to or the Terminal Server) without using the VPN. Try it out at: