The new CAT website is live.

It’s using a more flexible system that should help us add and manage our content better. Plus it’s more mobile friendly.

We have an article describing some of the changes:

Despite the fact that we have migrated most of the old content over, we are still scrambling to iron out some quirks, missing/blank new pages, and shuffle some of the old content around where it makes better sense. We hope to get much of that done by the end of the week. (On the other hand, rewriting some of the old material will take a much longer time.)

On Monday morning (9/25), we should have the links from the old site that people wanted maintained for the new site repointed to their new locations. (Some topology changes we made over the weekend made us have to redo some of that.)

This change does not affect the Intranet ( , Services (, personal pages on or any of the many special-purpose sites we run for MCECS.

Let us know if you run into anything missing or incorrect (or if you’re having trouble finding what you are looking for).