Linux Versions

Ubuntu Linux systems are running Xenial (1604). This includes:

CS penguin (FAB 88-10) and particle (FAB 88-09) labs (aka and

Linux Systems in the FAB MCECS General Lab (FAB 55-17) and

RHEL 5 still runs on:

RHEL 7 runs on


Faculty teaching classes on Linux should check the software list to ensure all the versions needed look correct:

Host key changes on ada/linux.cs:

The host key for (which is where is also pointing) has been changed. (It now matches the key for This means that users who were caught up in the DDOS problems from Spring term and are returning for the Fall may be getting key mismatch errors when they attempt to SSH to ada/linux. If that happens to you, know that this change is intentional. Please follow the instructions your SSH program gives you. (That is, remove ada’s old SSH key and then log into it again.)

If you have problems, please contact the CAT for assistance.