Disk Quota

What is Disk Quota

Students are provided disk quota of 10 GB for Windows accounts.

ECE, CS, Linux accounts have a shared quota. Your working combined limit (soft) on disk quota is 10000 Mb and the Hard limit is 10240 Mb.

How to get more quota

If you have a compelling need to increase your disk quota, it may be increased. You will need a faculty member to sponsor you by sending a request to support@cat.pdx.edu on your behalf stating:

  1. the username of the account receiving the increase
  2. the platform (Linux or Windows) to increase
  3. The size in Megabytes (MB)
  4. The Expiration Date* for the Quota Increase

The expiration date is an arbitrary date, usually a few weeks after the end of a term or the scheduled end of a project, at which time the quota increase “expires” and the quota will return to its previous amount. It’s customary to allow a few weeks extra “clean up” time to backup large files before the quota is reduced.