A student worker account (often referred to as a “Other Staff” in our account request form) is often created for roles where an hourly employee needs to access specific files/folders, department shares, printers, and MCECS computers to perform their work related chores.

If they are students with existing MCECS accounts, this would be a separate account with a different username. If they do not have existing MCECS accounts, they would still be given a different username to prevent collisions with their Odin username should they later chose to become an MCECS student.

All student worker account usernames are suffixed with “_swork”. For example, if your MCECS username is “jdoe”, your student worker username would be “jdoe_swork”.

Benefits of a student worker account

  • It helps isolate the access and storage used for the job from a student’s required access to function in their academic roles in the College.
  • It enables the department to easily turn off access as needed without affecting the student’s academic resources.
  • The student worker account must not be used for any non-work related purposes and the requesting department can gain access to the data in the account, have it copied to other locations, etc.

When should you request a student worker account?

  • Clerical/administrative tasks requiring access to department shares, special printers and other peripherals, or access restricted workstations.
  • Graders/Tutors – where they may need to run software submissions or use data files that need an environment that is separate from their student account.
  • Other roles filled by students where you feel having a separate account would benefit from the administrative separation provided by a student account.

How to request a student worker account

To request a student worker account visit the Account Request page in the Intranet:


The account type you will want to specify is “Other Staff.” Add any notes or requests regarding this account in this form.

Specify what access you want this student worker account to have

A student worker account does not come with default read-write privileges to the department share, nor does it have default access to any department printers or workstations. You can add a note in the initial student worker account request about access and printer needs. Each department or group will have its own conventions about what levels of access a student worker needs for the type of job they are expected to perform.

Access permissions requests may also be submitted separately as a support ticket.