Welcome to the MCECS Rstudio Page

The CAT offers a reference installation of an online Rstudio client for use on some specific projects.

    This is not a large scale production instance.

You can visit the client here:

Here are some quick instructions:

  • After navigating to the link, log in with your MCECS username and password
  • As you can see, in the bottom right hand corner you have access to your linux directory tree structure
  • You can attach a git or svn project in Rstudio, this is how:
    • At the top of the Rstudio webpage, click on “project”
    • Click on “Create Project” (even if it is an existing git or svn project)
    • Click on “Version Control”
    • You man now choose if it is git/svn (labled subversion) here
    • Enter the url and project directory name of an existing project, or create a project in a new directory

If you would like access to Rstudio on campus you can find R and Rstudio IDE located on Our Windows machines located in EB 325 and our FAB General Lab 55-17, and on any other Windows box in the College of Engineering