Connect to MySQL

How to access MySQL from a Web Browser

You can access MySQL using a web interface from anywhere – on campus, on a laptop, or at home – using this link:

NOTE: First, you will be prompted to use your MCECS account login/password to authenticate with this web page.

Once you get through to the webpage, you will be prompted for your database username and password. The username will always be your MCECS username, and the password will be provided to you when you activate your database account. (This is not the same as your regular MCECS account credentials that you use to login to MCECS computers. Your database account is maintained separately.) If you like, you can change your MySQL password on the homepage of phpMyAdmin in the general settings section.

Access MySQL using the Unix/Linux command line

Use this command to access MySQL from the Unix/Linux command line of an MCECS  system:

mysql -h -u username -p

‘mysql’ is the program name, the ‘-h’ means host, and our host is, which is our database server. ‘-u’ means that what follows will be the username, which will be your normal MCECS username. The ‘-p’ means you will be prompted for your password after hitting enter.

Access MySQL from an MySQL client

Note that direct access to the MySQL server requires the use of a VPN.

You can access your MySQL database using a client you install on your personal computer, such as MySQL Workbench. These programs will need some information about our server in order to access your database.

Username: cecs username
Database: also your cecs username
Password: given to you when you make your MySQL account
Port: 3306 is the default port for MySQL

Changing your MySQL password

You can change your MySQL password through the command line on an MCECS Linux system with the following command

set password for ‘$mcecs_username’@’’ = ‘$new_password’

Replace $mcecs_username with your MCECS login name and $new_password with the new password. You must also include the quotation marks and special characters.

If you have forgotten your MySQL password and need to reset it , you will need to contact the CAT for further assistance.