Remotely Connecting to Another Mac (from a Mac)

To remotely connect with a graphical session from one Mac to another

Setting Up the Macintosh You Wish to Remotely Access

Step 1

Start by clicking on “System Preferences” from the Apple menu on the Macintosh that you want to access remotely.

apple menu dropdown choosing preferences

Step 2

Once your System Preferences are shown, click on the “Sharing” icon in the “Internet & Wireless” menu.

sharing icon highlighted on system preferences

Step 3

From there, check the “Remote Management” option. You can then either select “All users”, or “Only for these users:” depending on how you’d like others to access this machine. If you choose “Only for these users:”, then you can add or remove users from the list using the “+” and “-” buttons.

Regardless of what you choose, all users trying to access this Mac will need to have credentials(a user name and password) for this machine.

remote management - only users popup

Step 4

Once you’ve selected your option (either “All users” or “Only for these users:”) click the “Options…” button and select what abilities you would like users to have access to. They can can be set for all users or set on an individual basis, depending on whether or not you selected “All users” or “Only for these users:”.

options button popup showing radio buttons

Step 4

Once you click “OK”, this Mac is ready to be accessed and used remotely.

Connecting to a Macintosh Remotely

Step 1

To access a Mac that you’ve set up to use remotely, click on the desktop, then on the “Go” menu, click the “Connect to Server…” option.

finder top bar go selection showing connect to server

Step 2

Type “vnc://remotehostname” replacing ‘remotehostname’ with the host name of the computer you wish to access. Then click “Connect”.

connect to server popup with server address setting

Step 3

Finally, enter your credentials for the remote host and click “Connect”.

entering your remote crentials into the login box

Step 4

You are now remotely connected to another Macintosh!

showing session on remote mac