Accessing Your Linux (UNIX) Home Directory on Mac OS X

If you are on Wi-Fi, connected via a laptop jack connection, or offsite, make sure that you have first connected to the VPN.

Step 1 – In Finder, click Go -> Connect to Server (Or hit Command + K)

connect to server drop down in Finder

Step 2 – Enter “smb://” as the Server Address.

Enter file server adress

Step 3 – Click Connect. The connection will request a user name and password.

  • Make sure you use your MCECS username and password.
  • Make sure “Registered User” is selected.
  • Specify your username as “CECS\username”.
  • You may see a “connecting to…” dialog before this login box appears.
entering MCECS credentials

Step 4 – Your unix/linux home directory (the common area) should now be mounted and accessible through Finder.

common home dir listing on Linux