On Friday, August 30, we will be decommissioning the old Centos 5 systems used by many ECE students in the last 6+ years. These were equivalent to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Centos/RHEL 5 has been out of active operating system support for many years.

ECE Linux tools are migrating to hosts running a newer version of the operating system – Centos 7. The new computers running Centos 7 (equivalent to RHEL 7) are:


Users will have different home directories on these systems. The user bob will be able to access their old eve/walle home directories at:


Much like eve and walle, these two Centos 7 systems will require you to be locally on campus or on the VPN to connect to them. Based on faculty requests, newer versions of Linux-based CAD tools are available on these systems. Some of the old versions that used to be available on eve and walle will not run here.