Short Term Accounts and Events

Short term accounts are granted to people with a short term relationship with a department, such as visiting faculty, interns, event coordinators, etc.

The recipient of the short term account will enable a person to login to all General Labs and services, as well as departmental labs with appropriate access. They will print to computer lab printers, and may require special requests to get full functionality.

Contact us if you have need of special access for a guest account.


Used to grant access for limited duration use of MCECS facilities (including computer labs) for groups of people. Arranged by MCECS sponsor.

To reserve CAT managed labs, the sponsoring department will fill out the Make a Lab Reservation Intranet form. For other labs, the form is not necessary. They will then:

  1. Request temporary MCECS computer accounts as needed for use of labs. Department contacts the CAT with details at
  2. Work with sponsoring department, the CAT, and the MCECS building manager to arrange physical access to spaces as needed for the event.

MCECS Account – Access to Our Resources

Needed for use of MCECS computing facilities such as

  • computer labs
  • office desktops
  • VPN
  • remote access to systems

Requested by an MCECS faculty or staff member using the Intranet Account Request Form (under the faculty/staff tab).

Affiliate ODIN Account – Access to Central Campus Resources

Affiliate PSU Odin Accounts provide access to general campus resources such as

  • Google Apps (drive, gmail, etc.)
  • other on-campus computer labs
  • authenticated wifi (like PSU Secure)
  • Canvas

Requested by department head or director (or proxy) through OIT.

Guest Wifi

Needed to use campus (OIT, central campus IT) provided Guest Wifi access (ssid: PSU Guest).

Request access through OIT (central campus IT).

Physical Building/Lab Access

Needed for physical access to MCECS buildings and labs. Requires an active PSU ID badge and appropriate access permissions.

  1. Contact sponsoring MCECS department to request a PSU ID badge. If approved, recipient will need to visit PSU ID Services, provide identification, and have badge made.
  2. Provide sponsoring MCECS department with badge ID number. The department will request the access to appropriate MCECS spaces.