PSU Google Mail (gmail)

Email services for all PSU users (faculty, staff, and students) are provided as part of PSU’s delivery of G Suite (aka Google Apps). All PSU persons get an email address of the form:

where “username” is typically your Odin ID. You use your Odin account credentials to login to your  PSU Google Mail account.

To go to your PSU Google Mail account:

For information about your PSU Google Mail account:

PSU Google Mail is sometimes affectionately referred to as Poogle Mail.

The following pages used to be relevant to MCECS users from when we transitioned from our old Email system to sending users off to using PSU Google Mail. They are still kept on the website but they may no longer refer to current Gmail interfaces.

Gmail FiltersIntroduction to Gmail Filters
PSU Google Mail configs for MCECSConfiguring PSU Google Mail for MCECS users