Additional Email Accounts

Requesting Additional Accounts

Every MCECS user has a single email address associated with it, which can be forwarded to the inbox of your choice. However, sometimes additional addresses are needed: for example, a shared address for a group or project, or a separate grader account. Here are some different scenarios, instructions for accomplishing each one, and some recommendations.

Help us meet your needs

  • Are you a grader? We recommend #1 or #3, depending on what you want the address to be.
  • Are you on a team or project, and need to send and receive mail as a group? We recommend #1 or #3.
  • Are you on a team or project, and need to send mail back and forth to each other? You want #5.
  • Is the address for you and,
    • Do you want it to go to the same place as your other mail? You want #1 or #3.
    • Do you want it to be separate from your existing mail? You want #2 or #4.
  • Is the address is for an individual who doesn’t already have an MCECS account? You want #6.

1. “I want a new email address with its own inbox.”

All addresses are managed by OIT and come with their own PSU Google email addresses. To get a new email address with its own separate inbox, you can request a service account from OIT.

2. “I want a new email address that forwards to an existing address.”

Again, you’ll need to request a service account in order to create the address. Once it’s been created, log into the new account’s PSU Google inbox and follow Google’s email forwarding instructions to direct all incoming mail at that address to your preferred inbox. While you can forward mail to any address you wish, we strongly recommend that you choose an OIT-managed inbox, to ensure that a third-party service can’t block or restrict access to your PSU-related mail. (Faculty members in particular are required to conduct business through their PSU email accounts.)

3. “I want a new MCECS email address (, or one of the departments:,,, with its own inbox.”

In this case, the CAT will create the address for you, but OIT will need to provide the inbox, as the CAT no longer hosts email. First, request a service account from OIT. Once that account has been created, email and let us know what MCECS email address you would like and what the name of the OIT service account is. We’ll create the MCECS email address and set up forwarding for you.

4. “I want a new MCECS email address that forwards to an existing address.”

Email and let us know what additional address you’d like and where you’d like it to forward to. For all the same reasons as #2, we strongly recommend that you forward PSU-related mail to an OIT-managed inbox.

5. “I want a mailing list address for my group to communicate with.”

We strongly encourage you to use OIT’s Google Groups for mailing lists. Request the creation of an OIT Google Group.

If you want to use a CAT’s legacy Mailman mailing list system, fill out the mailing list request form on intranet.

6. “A researcher/volunteer/visitor needs an MCECS email address.”

That person will need to have their own full MCECS account, which comes with an email address that they can forward wherever is appropriate. Whoever is sponsoring this person can request an account for them.