Forwarding MCECS Email

The College of Engineering supplies students, faculty, and staff with an email address associated with their department. However, MCECS no longer provides support for local mail or an inbox. MCECS account holders will continue to have an e-mail address, and we have an easy-to-use tool which students, faculty, and staff can use to set up email forwarding for this address.

All new accounts with an Odin ID will have their e-mail forwarded to their Odin mailbox automatically. Existing accounts with an Odin ID can opt to forward their mail there, as well.

To set up or change your MCECS Mail Forwarding, visit:

You will find a short description, the location that your email is currently being forwarded to, and a box where you can insert a new forwarding email address.

The e-mail address which you forward to must not be another MCECS e-mail address.

We recommend you forward to your Odin E-mail (ie: your PSU Google Account) but you may also choose to send it to a hotmail, yahoo, or other e-mail address.  If you are a faculty member, be aware that you must conduct business using your Odin e-mail, so it is best to forward your MCECS e-mail to that address.

You can change where you are forwarding your mail to at any time. The email forwarding tool will not allow you to cancel email forwarding; your MCECS e-mail must forward somewhere, or you will not receive e-mail from that e-mail address.

Our forwarding page does not support forwarding to multiple email addresses. If you would like to forward to multiple e-mail addresses, please e-mail, and we will help set this up for you.

Vacation messages, email filters, and procmails will not be handled by MCECS, but may be available by the email carrier you are forwarding your mail to.

If you have further questions, please e-mail, and we will correspond with you.