Outgoing(SMTP) Mail Server: mailhost.cecs.pdx.edu
SMTP Port: 587 (TLS) or 465 (SSL)

When sending mail remotely, you must use authentication. This option for the SMTP server normally says either “my server requires authentication” or “use username and password.” In addition, you may need to manually select the secure connection settings. Some mail clients will not automatically select secure connection settings, even after you specify options that require the client to use authentication. Either TLS or SSL will work.

SMTP Blocking from Unsupported Mail Servers

To reduce the incredibly high volume of spam that is being generated by misused systems on campus, PSU networks do not allow outbound mail connections that do not come from bona fide mail servers.

Users who simply send mail through PSU-supported servers need not do anything.

This policy mainly impacts two small groups of users:

1. Your mail program (mail client) connects to an off-campus mail server.

Users that use a local mail client to send mail through an off-campus mail server will need to modify their mail settings. (Many servers allow authenticated connections on port 587, or SMTP over SSL on port 465. Users should contact their mail service providers for details.)

2. You are running a direct-delivery mail server on your computer

Users that have their own email servers that route their email will need to declare their intentions by sending mail to support. We will then add these to our list of permitted SMTP-senders. (If you have a private server and haven’t let us know, it is now unable to send mail out of PSU’s campus.)