Mailman Mailing Lists

What are Mailing Lists?

A mailing list is effectively an e-mail address which points to many different e-mail addresses. To be a bit more precise, an automated process accepts mail sent to that address, processes it, and resends it to a set list of addresses.

Mailman is a mailing list management program. Essentially, it’s a tool to help the list owners manage their lists. It is designed to handle the routine administration of mailing lists automatically, minimizing the work the list owners need to do personally.

List Request Form

To request a mailing List visit the intranet form here.

Note: You will need to log into Intranet. A password is required, you can use your Windows or Unix password.

List Subscribers Guide

For more information on subscribing to a mail list visit here.

We are in the process of writing localized documentation, but for now refer to the section below.

List Manager’s Guide

To see our mailing lists, visit here.

Our lists are reachable from the CS, ECE, and Maseeh College mail servers.