Disclaimer for people requesting Tier 2 deployments

Note that only Windows deployments qualify for Tier 2

By going Tier 2, you have been given the administrative access to modify your system.  You can install software and change system configurations. Perform your changes with care as modifications may affect the security and stability of the system.

TheCAT may not be able to fix problems that may crop up. Should your system become unstable or unusable, TheCAT reserves the right to REFORMAT the hard drive(s) and RELOAD it back to the current default.

Please keep BACKUPS of any files you store locally, retain the media (or save the download) for any locally installed software and make sure you are adhering to licensing restrictions.

Please note that all of our Supported boxes come with a minimum of Adobe Reader which we regularly update as required. We do not recommend Tier2 users install or update Adobe Reader or Acrobat products themselves due to possible conflicts with the supported Reader, supported patches and of course Licensing.