Lab Energy Conservation

Computer Labs in MCECS are going Green

Major Windows CAT-supported general access computer labs in the College have implemented Power Saving features.

Monitors will enter Power Save after 10 minutes of inactivity and computers will enter Sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Inactivity is determined by no input from either the keyboard or mouse.


If you have a Long Running Process (LRP) or another reason for which you want to make sure no Sleep will take place, please find on the Start Menu of the computer an application called “hiberfoo”. Eg. Start > All Apps > Hibernation Disable > Hiberfoo

As long as the application Hiberfoo is active, Sleep and Hibernation will be disabled.

Hiberfoo can even submit to Support a Long Running Process (LRP) notification.

This notification lets the Support team know the computer has not been left unattended and should not be disturbed.

Please note there may be times when power saving will be disabled for system maintenance.

To resume your work from Sleep or Hibernation briefly touch the power switch. After running the BIOS tests, Windows will restart from your saved session. For your protection, the resumed session will be locked.