As OIT’s Single Sign-On banner has been saying for the last few weeks, all PSU employees will be required to use Duo Two-Factor Authentication after February 25th. If you have not yet opted in for two factor authentication via OAM (the Odin Account Manager), you may want to do so before the deadline so that you have confirmed that things are working properly.

You can set up your second authentication method using:

1) A phone number to be called by Duo. (You are asked to press a key to authenticate)

2) The Duo App for your smartphone. (Can receive a push request or generate a number token.)

3) A Duo hardware token. (Generates a number for authentication. Requires phone or app authentication to be present first. Request the first token for free from the OIT Helpdesk. Pay for replacements. Powered by a non-replaceable battery.)

4) Yubikey security key. (Insert into a USB slot in your computer to use. Only works with Chrome. Push button to authenticate. Requires phone or app authentication to be present first. Purchase from an online source.)

OIT has detailed instructions.


Enrolling and managing settings (has links for setting hardware tokens/yubikey):

OIT’s announcement:

We strongly encourage MCECS employees to opt in before the deadline. If you do not have two-factor authentication turned on, you will be forced to set up two factor authentication before you can use single sign-on once the deadline passes.