Troubleshooting the Projectors

If you are having trouble with the projectors during class and need assistance please contact The CAT by telephone 503-725-5420.

No image on Projector Screen

Verify that the projector is powered on – you should see green indicator light on the projector when you look up at the projector.  If the projector seems to be powered on, verify that the HD15 cable is connected at the back of the PC and at the wall. The East side has a cable made of two pieces, verify that the two cables are properly connected.

Note:  The projector in the West side of EB325 has only the rear IR port enabled, thus you’ll need to aim the remote at the rear of the West projector.

The Remote doesn’t seem to be working

If it doesn’t seem that the remote is working, a good test is to press the “LASER” button while aiming the remote at a light colored surface. If you don’t see a bright red dot, then there is probably a problem with the remote – please contact the CAT and we can usually get you a spare remote with a few minutes.