Overview of Lab Projectors


The CAT provides several supported configurations for using the lab projectors. Below are a list of lab projector related pages.

Projector remotes can be obtained from your departmental office.

Projector Configurations

Our recommend configuration is to use a lab station to control the projector. Information on how to do this for Windows can be found here.

In order for both EB 325 projectors to display the same information you must use the podium in the EB 325. Additionally, you can plug your laptop into it the HDMI switch on the table, to the port labeled HDMI IN.

NOTE: Please do not unplug or otherwise change the configuration at the podium.

The option of controlling a lab projector with your laptop is available but cannot be supported in all situations.

The CAT also has a short Troubleshooting guide for the projectors.  the Link is available here.

NOTE: If you are having trouble with the projectors during class and need assistance please contact The CAT by telephone 503-725-5420.