General Access Linux Systems in the FAB 55-17 Lab

The FAB General Access Lab is in FAB 55-17 and contains a mixture of Windows and Linux systems.

There are ten Dell computers in the lab (fab01-fab10) running Ubuntu Bionic with Intel Xeon CPU E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz and 16GB of ram. All of the computers have DVD+/-RW drives.

Access to the lab

Students taking MCECS classes can request 24-7 access to the FAB 55-17 MCECS General Lab by going to Student Services in EB-100. The access granted will also let you enter the building.

I have an account, and I’m in the lab: how do I log in?

Linux logins in this lab are similar to logins on all desktops running Ubuntu Linux in MCECS. While sitting in front of a workstation, you will see a Login prompt with a prompt for your username.

To get started, type your username, press <Enter>, type your password, and press <Enter> again. You will be presented with the default session, which is currently the Gnome Shell.

I’m not in the lab, can I remotely log in to these systems?

Like other Maseeh College Linux systems, you can use SSH, the Secure Shell, to log in to computers in this lab. The names of these computers are –

If you tell your SSH client to connect to one of these systems, you will be remotely connected via SSH to that system. You will be connected to a shell (terminal).

If you wish to remotely access these systems with a graphical interface, explore our X/VNC options:

How do I access my files which are on other MCECS Linux systems?

There are separate home directories for Ubuntu Linux, Redhat5, and Redhat7. They are located under the path /home/username/. From the shell you can access these directories from any MCECS Linux system. Details of how this works can be found at this link: