In recent weeks, we have had reports of these newer phishing variants landing in MCECS users’ mailboxes.

1) The “I want to talk to you about a student” query

The email appears to come from another university and the sender usually has an email address that doesn’t match the originating university. It asks to schedule a meeting to discuss something about a student. Looking up the sender using the other university’s directory doesn’t typically give a match, although a google search may indicate someone who may have worked there previously.

2) The mail from “” claiming that they have some pending messages on hold

The mail tells you that you may not be receiving all your messages and requests you click on a button to “reconfirm” your email account.

As always, treat unsolicited emails with some scepticism. Do not engage with any of the senders or click on links or buttons in the emails. Contact us at if you are unsure of the legitimacy of an email.