Starting in Summer Term 2019, the subsidized print quota and rates for buying additional capacity are changing for printers in MCECS student labs. This is driven by a need to reduce paper/media consumption and better reflect our actual costs for providing the service. The new rates are:

BW single sided – $0.08
BW double sided – $0.16
Color single sided – $0.50
Color double sided – $1.00

The “virtual” subsidized quota per term is now $30. This is refreshed at the start of each term. As before, there is no carry over of the virtual quota. However, any unused printing capacity that was purchased will migrate to the next term.

See the CAT website for details:

The labs where charged MCECS printers reside are:

EB 325 – MCECS EB General Lab
EB 420 – MCAE Lab
FAB 55-17 – MCECS FAB General Lab
FAB 60-01 – ECE Circuits Lab
FAB 88 – CS Linux lab area
FAB 25 – ECE Power Lab
WC 313 – ECE Willow Creek lab

Note that your PSU Odin account also gives you access to a separate print system in the OIT managed computer labs. This provides you with additional printing capacity that can be remotely accessed for sending print jobs to OIT printers (such as those located in the Broadway or Library Labs). You can explore their services at: