Mailing Lists

For the Maseeh College e-mail domains, theCAT supports mailman based mailing list servers. We have received numerous requests for setting up mailing lists. Here is our official policy regarding how we set up mailing lists and for whom.

The mailing lists served by the Maseeh College mailman servers fall into the following two categories.

Official Groups

These are usually requested by Maseeh College faculty or staff (or students or associates acting with the approval of Maseeh College faculty or staff). The contents are usually based on classes, research interests, professional societies, etc. Based on departmental chair or computer committee approval, we also can provide mailing lists for official student organizations.

There are really no restrictions on official mailing lists and the formats they take, although the CAT normally expects the requester to deal with administrative problems concerning list members (inappropriate posts, adhering to mailing list etiquette, addition and removal of members, etc).