While most things remain the same, there are a few changes:

  1. MATLAB 2017B – The version of Matlab in the MCECS Windows Labs has moved to Matlab 2017B. While we usually do not like to make version changes during an academic year, there was demand from some faculty to make this happen to get around some bugs in the 2017A version.  (We have also started making this transition on many smaller labs and research groups as well.)
  2. REDMINE – We are now running a newer version of Redmine on https://projects.cecs.pdx.edu
  3. User Web Pages – User web page serving (from your public_html directory) will be undergo a structural transformation to enhance security. This may require changes to some of your pages or scripts.
  4. Windows 10 – We have upgraded the following labs to Windows 10 version 1703 – both MCECS General Labs (FAB 55-17 and EB 325), MCAE (EB 420) and TEKLAB (FAB 60-01).