Since going down to a single VPN solution in MCECS (OpenVPN), we have had a few instances where some users:

  1. Have trouble getting OpenVPN to work on their specific system
  2. Have issues using OpenVPN from some locations where OpenVPN may be blocked (such as PCC’s Willow Creek campus)

Having diverse VPN options is a good thing. While we are working on setting up a second VPN system in MCECS, we have also been working with OIT to configure their Cisco AnyConnect VPN service to access protected MCECS resources as well. You can now use this VPN to access the following MCECS resources:

  • Remote Desktop to Windows computers that you have access to
  • Access file shares/folders (on thoth, UNIX/Linux home directories, stashes)
  • Print using the msprint print server
  • SSH into computers that are on private addresses (such as ECE’s auto/mo, the CS Particle lab)

Details on how to setup and use OIT’s Cisco AnyConnect VPN service from your home/mobile computer/device can be found here:

Note that PSU employees will be required to use the DUO two-step verification system when using this VPN. Student users will only be able to use this VPN in “split tunnel” mode.

If you have any questions about OIT’s Cisco AnyConnect VPN service, please contact OIT’s helpdesk.