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Redmine Guide

Redmine instructions

Getting started

You can create a Redmine instance from the projects section of .

Adding users

  • To add users have them first login into

  • Then click the Settings tab.

  • Click the Members tab.

  • Search for the user’s MCECS username using the New Member search box.

  • Click the check box next to the username

  • Then select a role and click the corresponding checkbox.

  • At present, there are three roles available:

    • Manager (full control)
    • Developer (read+write access)
    • Reporter (can comment on issues and in forums but have no repository write access).

See for more information


  • Web:

    Web URL:

  • Git:

    • git clone
    • You will be prompted for your MCECS username and password.

  • Subversion:

    • svn checkout
    • You will be prompted for your MCECS username and password.

SSH repo access

  • If you do not already have a keypair, an excellent walkthrough can be found at

  • To add your public key, log in to  Under the Projects menu, select “Public Keys”.

  • Click the “Add Key” button.

  • Enter a descriptive name for your key.  Paste your key into the “Key Data” field. Click “Add Key”, and your key should be ready for use.

Additional resources

Official Documentation: