Thunderbird: Adding PSU Google Mail Account

////Thunderbird: Adding PSU Google Mail Account
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Thunderbird: Adding PSU Google Mail Account

Step 1

NOTE: While this document is specifically for setting up Thunderbird with your PSU Google mail, this first step is necessary when attempting to check your PSU mail with most external mail clients (Outlook, Pine, etc.).

Our first step is to enable your PSU Google account to communicate through IMAP. We’ll click on the gear here on the right side of the screen and go to “Settings” in the drop-down that appears.

Go to settings in upper-left corner


Step 2

In the list of tabs that show up after clicking “Settings”, click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.

Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP


Step 3

Then, once here, click the bubble beside “Enable IMAP”.

Go to IMAP Access and enable IMAP


Step 4

Now we’re ready to set up Thunderbird to check your PSU Google Mail, or other mail client. In Thunderbird, you’ll click “Tools”, and then go down to “Account Settings”.

Go to Tools and click Account Settings


Step 5

Once there, we’ll click “Account Actions” in the lower left hand corner, and click “Add Mail Account…”

Go to Account Actions in lower-left corner and add mail account


Step 6

Now we will finally configure your account. You’ll need to enter your name and your PSU Google e-mail address.


After doing this, we’ll click “Continue”.

Setup without password


Step 7

You’ll notice it says it found a configuration on its database, but these configurations are wrong. We’re going to click “Manual config”.

Go to Manual confg in the lower-right corner


Step 8

Change the settings in the highlighted box here to match the ones in this image, except replacing “bob” with your own ODIN username.

Change Server hostname to, Authentication to normal password, and outgoing port to 587


At this point, click “Done”, and you’re all set to go to check your PSU Google e-mail through Thunderbird.

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