Remote Computer Lab Access

During the Covid-19 driven closure of PSU buildings, we have made the Windows computers in many of the popular MCECS computer labs available for remote access. Using this remote lab mechanism is far preferable to using the shared-use terminal server ( as it gives you access to a dedicated computer.

Go to this web page to learn about how to use our Remote Labs:

You will have the option of using a web-based remote desktop connection (no VPN required) or a native remote desktop program based connection (VPN required).

In order to keep computers available to students who are engaging in remote lab time during classes, we will be automatically logging out users who have been:

  • Idle for more than 30 minutes
  • Disconnected (from their remote login session) for more than 10 minutes.

To learn about VPN options, see:

To learn about native remote desktop programs for your personal computer, see:

If you are running into problems, please contact us at: We can work over Zoom to help resolve your issue.