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Long Running Processes (LRPs) on the Terminal Server

Much like lab boxes, you may run long running simulations on the terminal server  However, unlike lab boxes, it is a Share Resource and processes that make excessive use of resources (CPU, Memory, Disk) should not be run on the Terminal Server. We reserve the right to terminate any process at any time that is negatively impacting system resources.

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But since it is a network resource, the rules are somewhat different. The standard policy for the Terminal server requires that any sessions that have been disconnected for more than 24 hours will be terminated. But what does that mean exactly?

A disconnected session is one where the user is still logged in, but no longer have an active network connection to their session. This happens when you are connected to the Terminal Server via remote desktop, and leave your session by any means other than “Log Off” via the Start Menu. This includes closing the Remote Desktop session via the “X” button of the Remote Desktop window, clicking on Start → Disconnect, or by any number of other means including your computer freezing before properly disconnecting or losing network connectivity before cleanly disconnecting. If you do not disconnect, programs you have running will continue, but your session will be reported as inactive.

If your process will take more than 24 hours, you will need to periodically reconnect to your Terminal Server session so your connection doesn’t get terminated. You will also need to email to let us know that you have an intended LRP, as well as which program(s) you will have running, and approximately how long it will take to complete.

It is also exceedingly important to note that the Terminal Server reboots at least once a month for Windows security patches. This happens every Friday night following the second Tuesday of the month (“Patch Tuesday”). Occasionally theCAT will also need to reboot the Terminal Server in case of critical patches. WE CANNOT POSTPONE PATCHES FOR YOUR SIMULATIONS. You need to work around our patching schedule to use the terminal server for simulations.

It is further important to note that not all CECS lab software is installed on the Terminal Server. Requests for software need to come from a faculty member and must be made in advance.