CS Linux Lab

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CS Linux Lab

The CS Linux Labs are in FAB 88-10 aka Linux lab A (Penguin lab) and Fab 88-09 aka Linux lab B (Particle lab).

Currently, the computers in the lab are running Ubuntu Bionic. Each computer in the lab is an Intel Xeon E31225 @ 3.10Ghz with 8GB of ram. All of the computers have DVD+/-RW drives.

The computers for the Linux lab were purchased from Dell Computer Corp.

Access to the CS Linux Lab is restricted to students taking cs classes. Students taking cs classes who do not have remote and physical access should contact the CS tutors in Fab-88.


I have an account, and I’m in the lab: how do I log in?

Local logins in the Linux lab are very similar to any other Maseeh College Unix system, but with some extra features.

While sitting in from of a workstation, you will see a Login prompt with a prompt for your username. This program is called “lightdm” or LightDisplayManager , while the equivalent program used in the Unix labs is xdm, the X Display Manager.

To get started quickly, type your name when you see the login prompt, press <Enter>, type your password, and press <Enter> again. You will be presented with the default session, which is currently Unity .

Unity is a suitable environment for most users. However, if you’d like to try one of the other available window managers, click the ubuntu menu button(next to the username box) before you log in. By selecting an item, such as Gnome, from that menu before you finish typing your password, you can try different styles of interaction with Linux to see which you prefer.

I’m not in the lab: how do I log in?

Like other Maseeh College Linux systems, you can use SSH, the Secure Shell, to log in to computers in the Linux lab from anywhere in the world — if you have an Internet connection. Unlike other systems, you can’t use telnet or FTP.

If you tell your SSH client to connect to “linux.cs.pdx.edu”, you will be connected to the CS linux server.

How do I access my files which are on other Maseeh College systems?

Your Ubuntu Linux home directory lives at: /home/username/ubuntu

Your Redhat Linux home directory (if you have an account on one of the Redhat/Centos systems) lives at: /home/username/redhat5 and /home/username/redhat5

From our Linux systems, both these paths are accessible.