Password Protecting a Web Page

Password Protecting a Web Page .htaccess, which specifies the message users will see when they attempt to log in and the username they will use, and .htpasswd, which specifies the corresponding password The .htaccess file is capable of doing a lot more besides password protection, but that is beyond the scope of [...]

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Rstudio Welcome to the MCECS Rstudio Page The CAT offers a reference installation of an online Rstudio client for use on some specific projects. This is not a large scale production instance. You can visit the client here: rstudio.cecs.pdx.edu Here are some quick instructions: After navigating to the link, log in [...]

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Database Services

The CAT offers PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. Any faculty, staff, or student with an MCECS account is eligible for database access. Currently we are running MySQL 5.5.4 and PostgreSQL 9.3.6. These database accounts are self-managed. If you have any questions or need assistance for a database class (CS 486/586), reach out to your TA or [...]

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Creating Web Pages in your Account

Your MCECS account comes with the capability to display web pages, though it does require a baseline knowledge of the MCECS web infrastructure and some fundamental web development concepts. This guide provides the necessary information required for all MCECS users to engage in user account-based web development.   Table of Contents Hosted Directories - [...]

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Web Services in MCECS

MCECS Web Hosting Options MCECS offers numerous web hosting options that allow MCECS users to engage in a wide range of web development projects, such as: Personal websites for students to practice webpage design and user authentication. Faculty webpages that connect students to coursework. Websites for departmental, project, and research groups to organize [...]

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