Mapping a Drive to a Linux Account

Mapping a Drive to a Linux Account You must be logged onto Windows with the same username as your CS/ECE UNIX username. If your usernames are not sychronized, you will not be able to use samba to access your files. Note: If you are not on a desktop directly in our domain you [...]

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Local vs. Network Drives

Local Vs. Network Drives What's "local", What's "network" By default, you will not be able to install software on the network or on the local hard drive. Drives A: through L: are designated as local drives. Drives M: through Z: are network drives. After successfully logging onto a Windows 10 computer, double click [...]

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Sharing Files

Sharing Files in Windows Maseeh College asks users not to share accounts; it is a security risk, among other reasons. Since it is commonly required that students work together for labs or class assignments, this document explains how to share files with other users on the CECS Windows domain. By default, other CECS [...]

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Splash Page for storage - describe homedirs, how much space, stashes

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Disk Quotas

Disk Quota What is Disk Quota Students are provided disk quota of 10 GB for Windows accounts. ECE, CS, Linux accounts have a shared quota. Your working combined limit (soft) on disk quota is 10000 Mb and the Hard limit is 10240 Mb. How to get more quota If you [...]

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Dedicated Storage/Stashes

Dedicated Storage/Stashes Stashes are online storage that we provide for faculty, staff, or researchers in the mcecs college. The CAT gives out stashes to researchers or professors to hold large quantities of data that will not fit in their normally allocated space.  Stashes are generally used as a virtual “dropbox” for capstone projects, [...]

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