How To Setup Lab Projectors

How To Setup Lab Projectors Using NVIDIA Control Panel The purpose of this document is to show how to project the respective graphics output of each of the two EB325 PCs that are normally connected to the ceiling-mounted projectors in EB325 East and West. Also, as the primary use of these [...]

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Lab Projectors

Overview of Lab Projectors Remotes The CAT provides several supported configurations for using the lab projectors. Below are a list of lab projector related pages. Projector remotes can be obtained from your departmental office. Projector Configurations Our recommend configuration is to use a lab station to control the projector. [...]

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Computing Facilities

MCECS Computing Facilities Overview The College provides a variety of computer labs for students with supported desktops consisting  of Linux (Ubuntu and Redhat) and Windows 10.  Some labs are available college-wide.  Others are departmental.  A large complement of software is available including various products from Autocad, Matlab, Maple, Mathcad, Solidworks, Mentor, [...]

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Computer Labs

Computer Labs Computer Lab Locations and Access All General Access Labs are available 24 Hours. For EB building and lab access via key card, see Student Services in EB100. An MCECS account is required. CS students must visit the CS tutors to request access activation. All Engineering students have access to [...]

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