There will be REBOOTS of all MCECS supported Windows Servers at 6 PM on FRIDAY, May 17th, 2024. This work should be completed by 7:30 PM. This will include the Windows Homedirs, access to Stashes, Printing, Networked Applications and Network Licenses.

Downtime for the Terminal Server will begin earlier on FRIDAY at 5 PM and is expected to be completed by 7:30 PM as well.

This work is needed to ensure that Windows Updates have been applied to our Servers. It is best to logout from your Windows account prior to that time.

Patches will be released for CAT supported Windows Workstations on their usual schedule of Wednesday evening (5/17/2024). Desktops that have not been patched should reboot for patches at 6PM Friday evening.

This work is not expected to affect any Linux systems.