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NETWORK DOWNTIME – 3/29/2023 – 7pm – Patching Network Devices

Starting at 7pm on March 29th, users of wired MCECS networks will experience sporadic network outages as we apply a number of software updates to various devices in our networking infrastructure. This will also affect our systems in the data center. On site wifi access to external systems should not be affected. The work may [...]

2023-03-23T16:39:24-08:00March 23rd, 2023|

DOWNTIME – 3/30/2023 – 7pm – Patching Linux systems

[This downtime will directly affect all Linux users and Windows access to Linux-based storage. Most regular Windows operations will not be affected.] On Thursday evening, March 30th, at 7pm, we will begin patching and rebooting most Linux hosts (Ubuntu and Centos) including file servers. The work will be staggered across multiple classes of systems so [...]

2023-03-23T14:26:45-08:00March 23rd, 2023|
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