THE STASH FILE SERVER IS NOW BACK IN SERVICE. Users should be able to access their stashes again.

Some active stashes were migrated to temporary locations before the downtime. Any migrated stashes will experience a downtime after this work to move it back. We will be contacting those stash owners to schedule the downtime.

If you are having problems with a stash, please contact the CAT. Let us know the name of the stash, a detailed description of the problem, and when it was last working for you.

Original Downtime Message:

Most project/research stashes will be down, starting Thursday, December 16th. This is for work that needs to be performed on the file server hosting them. Our optimistic projection is for the outage to last 1-2 days. However, if a large rebuild becomes necessary, the outage for some stashes could last 4-5 days. 

This work will not affect stashes on hardware specifically purchased for research.

If you have a stash in active use that needs to be available through the downtime, we will work on temporarily migrating it to a different file server for the duration of the work. Be aware that there will be short downtimes associated with that move as well as the return back to the primary server after the work is completed. 

Some active stashes with Linux users have already been migrated to temporary locations due to issues being experienced by Linux systems.