MCECS Computer Labs (both Windows and Linux) are available for remote access during Spring 2021.

Windows Computer Labs

We have made our Windows computer labs remotely accessible using our Remote Lab interface. Normally, these single user Windows 10 systems are only available on site but, because there is no contention between onsite and remote users, this arrangement has been working very well. Using this remote lab mechanism is far preferable to using the shared-use terminal server ( To encourage use of the remote labs, web browsers have been disabled on the terminal server.

We have built a web interface to identify available computers in the labs. Users can either use a web-based remote login portal (no VPN needed, moderate quality, just click on the link and go) or their native Remote Desktop program (VPN needed, better quality, need some familiarity with remote desktop). The graphical performance is not comparable to sitting in front of the workstations but it seems to be adequate for many classroom uses.

In order to keep computers available to students who are engaging in remote lab time during classes, we are automatically logging out users who have been:

  • Idle for more than 30 minutes
  • Disconnected (from their remote login session) for more than 10 minutes.

Visit the remote lab web page to find an available computer and login to it.

Windows computers in smaller labs with specialized software can be also made available through this interface if instructors request it.

Linux Computer Labs

MCECS Computer labs with Linux systems continue to be remotely accessible. (Note that most classes that require the remote use of Linux systems will often specify a computer located in the datacenter – for example for CS, or moe/auto for ECE.)

You need to know the name of the Linux computer you wish to access in a computer lab, they can be reached via SSH to a terminal or with X/VNC for a graphical interface. See the SSH, Remote X Windows, and VNC sections in: