Pre-Fall DOWNTIMES WINDOWS/LINUX – September 2020

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Pre-Fall DOWNTIMES WINDOWS/LINUX – September 2020

Computer lab systems in MCECS will be reloaded with newer versions of operating systems and software. Many of them are now remotely accessible due to the building closures. Large scale lab reloads may stretch across multiple days depending on problems encountered. The following is our projected schedule.


Most of the Windows computer lab systems are being reloaded with Windows 10 version 1909. The downtimes for the various labs will be staggered across two weeks.

Sep 14-18 (week of) – ETM Lab, Civil3D Lab, ECE Tektronix and Capstone Labs

Affects the ETM Lab (FAB 55-02), CEE Civil3D Lab (EB 390), the ECE Tektronix Lab (FAB 60-01), and the ECE Capstone Lab (FAB 60-04).

Sep 21-25 (week of) – EB CadLab, FAB Intel Lab, MME MCAE Lab

Affects the EB CadLab (EB 325), FAB Intel Lab (FAB 55-17), and the MME MCAE Lab (EB 420).


The supported Linux environment will be upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu – 20.04 “Focal Fossa”. In some instances, the downtimes also include file servers.

Sep 1 – Stash File Server – 7pm – duration approx 1-4 hours

Affects many research and project storage “stashes” accessed from both Linux and Windows. Also includes the quizor system home directories.

Sep 2 – Quizor Linux Systems – approx mid day – duration several hours

Affects all quizor systems used by Computer Science students.

Sep 9 – ada/babbage/ruby/rita and Linux home directories – 6pm to 11pm

The work will start with the Linux home directory file server. When that is completed, the main login workhorse systems (ada, babbage, ruby, rita) will then be reloaded.

Sep 9/10/11 – Linux Lab computers

All the Linux systems in FAB 55-17 (MCECS “Intel Lab”), FAB 88-09 (CS “Particle Lab”), and FAB 88-10 (CS “Penguin Lab”) will be reloaded to the new version of Ubuntu Linux. While the majority of the work will happen on Wednesday, Sep 9, we are reserving two more days to deal with any lingering issues.


Sep 8 – 7pm Network gear patching

Patches being applied to networking equipment that drives MCECS operations in FAB/EB (may also SRTC/Ondine-Annex). 3 hours downtime window reserved but it should be done quickly if no problems are encountered. Periodic loss of connectivity may be experienced by wired computers during the work. Some may require rebooting afterwards.

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