Self-upgrade to version 1909 of Windows 10 before October 2020

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Self-upgrade to version 1909 of Windows 10 before October 2020

The version of Windows 10 currently installed on CAT-supported desktops (version 1809) will be reaching end-of-life early into Fall Term 2020.

If you are using one of our Windows 10 desktops in your office or other FAB/EB workspace, we would like you to self-upgrade to the latest supported version – 1909. We recommend that this be done at your earliest convenience – best scheduled at the end of the work day. The upgrade involves several reboots and can take up to three hours.

To self upgrade your system:

  • Click on the Start Menu and scroll down to the “M”s, click on Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and then run the Software Center application.
  • From this application, select the “Operating Systems” tab if not already selected – you should find a choice called “Upgrade to Windows 10 – 1909”.
  • Click on “Upgrade to Windows 10 – 1909”, then click on the blue “install” button in the center of the window to begin the install.  You will be logged out automatically after a short time.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN FOR 3 HOURS.  Attempting to log in during this 3 hour span could cause the update to fail.

This could be something you do when you are done for the day. Make sure you do not shutdown or turn off your computer.

Please take this opportunity to upgrade your computer on a schedule that works for you. At some time close to the deadline, we will force update any remaining systems.

Note that Microsoft support for the older 1809 version will be expiring in late October 2020.



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