Windows File Server Migration is complete

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Windows File Server Migration is complete

User home directories (N: drive) and department shares (Z: drive) have been transferred over to the new file server (thoth). When you log into you a CAT supported Windows desktop, your N: drive and User profile will point to this new server.

Since we still have the old server (khensu) up in “read only” mode, some users may notice that any hard coded khensu shortcuts or quick access references that still point to khensu may access a read-only file on the old server. This may particularly happen with some items that appear in the “Recent Files” section of Quick Access. If this happens, directly open the file from its current location.

We had two user volumes (Home02 and Home03) that presented some problems during the migration process. If your N: drive resided there, there is a possibility that you may be missing updates you made to files since Wednesday (Sep 4). If that is the case, contact us and we will get you the path to the old server so you can transfer the latest copy over. You can visit the main page on the Intranet to see which volume your N: drive resides on.

Some Windows user account modifications by our back-end systems (such as password resets and new account activations) have been deferred until Monday morning.

After a change like this, it’s always a good idea to reboot your workstation before starting your work day.


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