FAB/EB POWERDOWN – August 20/21 – 8pm-4am

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FAB/EB POWERDOWN – August 20/21 – 8pm-4am

The new date for FAB/EB power systems testing will be Tuesday, August 20th, 2019. The work will begin at 8pm and could last as long as 4am. In case problems crop up during the procedures, they have reserved Wednesday night (August 21st) as well. If they decide to do further tests on Wednesday night, we will let you know after the Tuesday night downtime.

During each test, parts of FAB/EB will experience brief power outages. Your systems will be affected by the testing unless they are connected to a local UPS unit for backup power or are in areas served with building-provided backup power.

We recommend that you power down your office systems, printers, and other electronics before leaving for the day. The CAT will be shutting down all the computer labs around 7pm. We will also be checking on departmental offices. (We will usually physically unplug the larger printers.)

We will be onsite and monitoring status until the work ends. If you are going to be off site and want us to power down your systems for you (and haven’t asked us yet), please let us know.

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