FAB/EB Power Outage Schedule – Sep 11/12/13 (2018)

//FAB/EB Power Outage Schedule – Sep 11/12/13 (2018)

FAB/EB Power Outage Schedule – Sep 11/12/13 (2018)

Keep this in mind for September planning. Not all days guarantee power outages.

The dates for electrical work that involves building-wide power outages have been set. The start times for the work haven’t been locked down yet but we are expecting a start time of around 8pm and extending into the wee hours of the morning. The data center and other UPS backed up areas are expected to stay up – barring a major emergency encountered during the work.

Tuesday night – 9/11/2018

Only the possibility of an outage. EPO (Emergency Power Off) controls on the building power feeds are being live tested for the first time. If all goes well, there should be no power loss.

Wednesday night – 9/12/2018

FAB/EB power outages as the annual generator tests are performed with PGE and other vendors. (There will be guaranteed power outages during parts of this work.) CAT staff will be on hand in case of emergencies.

Thursday night – 9/13/2018

Reserved just in case the work from the previous night requires further testing. After the Wednesday night work is over, we will announce if the Thursday downtime is no longer needed.

We’ll be sending another update with specific times and recommendations once we receive more details.


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