FAB/EB POWER OUTAGE – 8pm 2/16/2018 to 1pm on 2/17/2018

//FAB/EB POWER OUTAGE – 8pm 2/16/2018 to 1pm on 2/17/2018

FAB/EB POWER OUTAGE – 8pm 2/16/2018 to 1pm on 2/17/2018

Facilities expects some power disruptions in FAB/EB as they perform long deferred maintenance work on two old breakers. The work is expected to begin on Friday, February 16th at 8pm and continue into Saturday afternoon until 1pm (on February 17th).

It’s difficult for Facilities to guarantee with certainly what sections and systems will be affected so there are threatening-looking signs posted in EB already. In discussions with them, we suspect the following systems could be affected:

  • Heating/Cooling in FAB/EB (could be intermittent)
  • Elevators
  • Various mechanical systems in EB – could affect venting in labs
  • “some” undetermined parts of FAB could be without power for the duration – could be some limited areas in the LL and could affect networking in there as well
  • Possible short disruptions to networking in EB

We suspect that parts of FAB that are on the building UPS systems should be fine, although this will be the first time that subsystem has to absorb a power blip since its recent renovation.

While the total visible effects of the outage may end up being low, we encourage people to not plan on doing anything critical in the buildings during this power down window as a precaution. If you have sensitive gear, you may want to power them down.

Services from the data center will not be affected.

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