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Wednesday, 07 September 2005


What is a "profile"?

A Windows User Profile contains default desktop settings and any changes that the user chooses to make to those settings. Changes might include wallpaper, colors, desktop shortcuts, Thunderbird and other application settings, and user-selected printers.

At present, user profiles are stored separately from user files which makes users less susceptible to inadvertent damage to their profiles, yet there are still numerous ways that users can can get into trouble. 

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How can you "lose" or damage your profile?

Consider these situations:

  1. Abnormal log off – the system is shut down before logging off normally.
  2. User's profile exceeds the profile disk quota  – local profile can't be saved back to the network because there isn't enough disk space available.
  3. User gets an error message that says their profile cannot be updated properly when they log off.
  4. User's profile is corrupted or otherwise unavailable – upon logon, the roaming profile cannot be loaded.

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What do you lose if you lose your profile?

The following list is not exhaustive, but most of the major items you'd lose are:

  • desktop settings (user-defined shortcuts, colors, background, etc)
  • printer definitions
  • user-defined drive mappings
  • your Internet Explorer Favorites
  • if you are an MS-Outlook or Outlook Express user and have not moved your Outlook folder file from its default location, you will lose your e-mail, address book, and calendar

How does browser data affect my profile?

  • Cookies are small files that are used by Internet Explorer to keep track of information for websites. When a lot of cookies are stored in your profile, you may be driven over profile quota. 
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  • As of Mozilla Firefox 3.x, there is a new method that is used to store bookmarks, browser history and other saved data. A "database" file is used to store this information. This database file can tend to get rather large and use up a lot of profile space.
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How do I delete/reset my profile?

Come to one of the Cat Support Pods and they can reset your profile for you.

Understanding Disk and Quota Usage

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