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DOWNTIME : Friday, 02/17/2017 6PM, Windows Servers Print
Written by johnh   
Thursday, 16 February 2017

There will be Reboots of all MCECS supported Windows Servers on Friday, 02/17/2017 at 6PM. This work should be completed by 7:30PM. This will include the Windows Homedirs, Stashes, Printing, Networked Applications and Network Licenses as well as the MCECS VPN and Terminal Server.

This work is needed to provide Windows Updates on our Servers. You are asked to please logout of your Windows account prior to that time.

Supported Windows Workstations will also be rebooting for patches as

per our regular Monthly patch cycle. You can expect workstations to
reboot on Friday morning at 2AM if left on or shortly after power up
if they have been powered off.
This would also serve as a good reminder for everyone to be sure and
Patch those self supported Windows desktops, laptops & home systems.
As always if you have questions please contact:
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