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Connecting to the OpenVPN on Windows Print
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Friday, 07 September 2012

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Once you are connected to the VPN, your internet traffic will be directed through PSU's VPN hardware, and it will appear that you are connected physically to PSU's network. This will allow you to use private MCECS services that require a connection to the PSU network, like Remote Desktop and VNC.

CECS vs CECS Full Tunnel

We offer two configuration options for OpenVPN. The Full Tunnel will send all of your network communication, eg going to, through MCECS.
However the CECS or "Split Tunnel" configuration will only be used to connect to MCECS machines and resources, like the terminal server or print server.

Note: You must be an administrator on your machine in order to use the MCECS OpenVPN.

Configuration Steps

  1. Download and install the OpenVPN client from (opens in new window).
  2. Download The CAT's OpenVPN configuration ZIP file.
  3. Extract the contents of that ZIP file to the C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config directory (or to the C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config directory, depending on where OpenVPN is installed).
  4. Right-click on the 'OpenVPN GUI' shortcut on your desktop and select 'Run as Administrator'. If you are prompted to let OpenVPN make changes to your computer, select 'Yes'.
  5. Right-click on the OpenVPN GUI icon in the tray (next to the clock) and select 'cecs' > 'Connect'.
  6. Enter your MCECS username and password and press OK to connect.

When running OpenVPN, you must always right-click on the OpenVPN GUI shortcut and select 'Run As Administrator' in order for the connection to work correctly.

Full Tunnel OpenVPN

 The default VPN configuration is split tunnel, where only data destined for PSU IP space is tunneled through the VPN. If you need to tunnel all traffic through the VPN follow the above instructions except Right-click on the OpenVPN GUI icon in the tray (next to the clock) and select 'cecs_full_tunnel' > 'Connect'

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