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Saturday, 24 September 2005

Unix Text Editors



vim is a command-oriented text editor. There are two modes in vim, COMMAND mode and INSERT mode:

COMMAND mode allows you move around inside your file quickly. When you first start vim, you are in command mode; otherwise, press ‹Esc› to get back to command mode.

INSERT mode allows you to create and modify text in your file. Press i, a, or o (see below) to get to insert mode. Press ‹Esc› to get back to command mode.

Here are a few basic vi commands you can use while in command mode:

h - move to left
l - move to right
k - move up
j - move down
x - erase a character
dd - delete a line.
i - enter insert mode (insert before cursor)
a - enter insert mode (append after cursor)
o - enter insert mode (open line below)
J - join next line to current

EXIT the vim editor by typing : (colon) while in command mode, the colon will appear at the bottom of your screen; to save and quit, type in wq and press ‹Enter›; to quit without saving type q! and press ‹Enter›.> vi filename


pico is a simple text editor. When you run pico its commands are displayed at the bottom of the screen.> pico filename
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